Best Ways to use social listening for customer service

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Social Media plays a very important role in today’s time. On average, we spend most of the time on internet surfing or scrolling through news feeds, posted pictures, likes, comments and sharing our experiences. As most of the attention nowadays shifted to social media, companies need to keep there self updated with the recent trends. Companies are doubling down their investment into social listening for better customer service. As they use this channel to grow their business.

Social media has become a customer experience platform. A large number of customer base shifting towards social media and using social media as a point of contact. Companies that do not respond to social media messages face up to a 20% increase in customer churn. 

Do you want your customers to stop doing business with you because of less interaction via social media, if not than stop ignoring social media messages? 

What is social listening?

Social listing is the process of monitoring and finding what customers are saying about the brand and company online. By mentioning special keywords and phrases. Social listing is similar to social selling. It’s a new way of selling your product and making your company well known via these social platforms. By listening to the conversation online, you can participate, educate and build a relationship with your prospects and customers. 

Why social listening is important? 

If a customer stops doing business with you, it’s not because they don’t like a product or you are charging high, it’s because of the service you provide. In case you don’t respond to their messages online, then they don’t feel valued. 

Poor customer service experience, customer share it with 10 people. However, when a customer has poor customer service experience on social media it gets spread like a virus to affect your business on a major level.  

6 Best Ways to use social listening for  better customer service 

To get started, you need to do promote your brand online and track them on a regular basis. Then, you need to find and respond to messages directed to you and the message that was written for you, but you have not been notified. Once that is in place, you then need to respond accordingly to each message. 

Before that, we will drive into social listening usage for better customer service. 

1. Find the social network you want to listen in on:

As a new social media network emerges, it can be difficult to decide which channel you want to listen in on. The easiest way to decide s on which channel your customers are most active.  

According to your product and services, you can target social media customers. If your customers aged between 18-30 years, then start with social listening on Facebook and Instagram. If you are in B2B sales and your target customers are 30-20 years old then start listening to conversations about your brand on Linkedin.  

To get a better response from social listening, you need to first understand that which age your serving for. Then push your marketers most on that platform only. 

2. Set Up real-time notification – 

Real-time notification related to your customer queries helps you to give them updated on time without keeping them waiting. This will build there tryst toward your brand and keep them happy. Interface 365 is the best solution for managing your social listening to providing real-time notification. If you boost your brand on social media, interface 365 provides the integration facility by which you can integrate your social media platform and receive leads directly to interface 365. Every time anyone registers anything, it will provide you a real-time notification. So you will not miss your customer query and give the best possible solution on time. 

3. Respond to customer request on time – 

More than 60% of consumers have used a company’s social media channels for customer service. Yet few companies respond to the customers on social media. Not responding to customer requests is customer sin. First thing first, if you want to provide proper customer service. Respond to your customers on time. Interface 365 manages all the queries of the customer in one place. This will help companies to check all the queries and give responses on time. Good customer service always comes with timely responses. 

4. Handle customer complaints quickly – 

According to research, 30% of customers turn up on social media for registering the complaints.  unfortunately 20% of the time, there are no responses.

If you find complaints on social media, address them quickly and apologize. Its because by the research it found out customers who complain are more willing to forgive a company that offers an apology than being offered compensation. 

Take all the complaints seriously and register them in interface 365, so next time you improvise it and make sure it won’t happen. Complaints are very necessary to handle on time, this will make the connection with the customers. As a result, the customer will remain with the business for a longer period of time.  

5. Acknowledge Positive feedback 

Not all conversations about your brand will be negative. In fact, some of the best feedback you get can be found on social media – whether ts someone recommending your product or simply liking your post on social media. 

So don’t ignore them. 

Any engagement you receive on social media should be conceded. And that can be easy as just thank you. Whether its positive or negative customer response can be registered in interface 365 so next time the customer histories will sell better. 

It is found that on research that 40% of customers buy the product by recommendations. Acknowledgment of the positive feedbacks will boost your sales for the future. More people come to know about your product in this way. 

6. Be proactive – 

Being proactive in social media is very important for better service and listens to your customers. What they are thinking about your brand and you can provide them with the best social according to it. Being proactive means to solve the problems before they made any complaints to you. For example – If you are making any changes in your software, it will get shut down for some time. Updated your customers on social media regarding this so that they will be aware and keep their self-calm in that situation. With the help of interface 365, you can shoot bulk SMS and emails regarding this glitch. So if the customer won’t be able to open the social media by this medium you can share this. 

Proactive customer service offers a number of benefits for your business. Companies that invest in proactive support increase customer retention by 5-6% and can lower their operating cost by 30%. 

Conclusion – 

Social listening is an important part of the customer experience, which makes it a valuable strategy for any business. Through social listening, you can do a competitive analysis and increase the growth of your business. However, you can only achieve this you have the right strategy in place. This means choosing the right networks to monitor, using the right tool to track and prioritize support resources to respond in real-time. 

So, if you are looking for new ways to deliver great customer service, try social listening. Just remember the golden rule – Talk less and listen more.

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