CRM Interface 365 – A Complete Description

Interface 365- a complete CRM tool
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Interface 365 is a Customer relationship management software. It’s an approach to digitizing business work. It changes the paper and pen working culture with a technological approach. It manages the interaction of the company and its clients. As a matter of fact it analyzes the data of customers and helps to make a longer,healthier relationship.

In addition it provides an adaptable solution to make one’s business steady, effortless, and profitable. It is easy, simple & superlative. The best platform for managing real prospects to follow up, easy collaboration with users, scheduling meetings, and handling deals to forecast the future. However,

CRM,Interface 365 – It’s a centralized place where you will get all your imperative effects and business solutions.

We built CRM interface 365 minutely to make you master at what you do. Interface 365 is so fast, amusing, intelligent and gorgeous. 

One Solution to the business – Works 365 days

What difference it makes in your business – 

It gives power to business owners to focus on creating new ways to generate more revenues. The rest they can rely on Interface 365. In addition,  it will let you understand the importance of it in your business. 


A business has a lot of client base, with they interact on day to day basis. An owner can take full control of their business by using Interface 365. It will give them all the detailed information of every client and their sales team. Similarly, It provides a graphical overview of sales revenue, the team’s task, and the client’s behavior. Therefore, they can check the progress of business. 

Sales Focus-

Sales is the most crucial part, generation of revenue results in the success of a business. If any business shuts down the reason behind is there sale and retention of a client. Interface CRM sort the leads of the clients to its prospective clients. Besides, It manages every client’s details and interaction made with them. It gives complete focus to the clients and reminders for future interactions. This helps the sales team to focus on clients in an efficient manner. 

Customer Retention

Customer creates goodwill for any business entity. However A business is justified by its client base. There is a famous quote of Late Shri Mahatma Gandi – 

“A customer is the most important visitor of your premises”.

The sales team can register valuable feedback from the clients. Therefore it made them give follow-ups calls on needed dates and time. This way customers will get satisfactory services and as a result they will retain with the company. 

Now the question that will arise in everybody’s mind, above all we came to know that why CRM is best for our business although this may be true but why we choose Interface 365 only.

Why It’s different different           

1. Google Partner – 

We are a proud Google partner, Interface 365 is integrated with G-suits applications like Mail, Drive, Calendar, and contacts. G-suits plays a major role in every person’s life. Every business entity uses G-suits on daily basis. We interact with emails,Keep our files safe in dive, manages important events with calendar and keep our contact safe in contacts section of G-suit. 

keeping that in mind, we built Interface 365 CRM – G-suit inbuilt. Clients do not need to open a new window to manage their work. They can easily access everything in interface 365. Which as a result simplify there work and saves time.  

2. Customizable- 

Every business work culture,ethics and strategies are different. Which makes them unique from each other. This thought let us make interface 365 a customizable software. 

Clients can customize any component of it according to there work and preferences. They can add or delete new and old components with their regular terms.

3. Easy To use –

Everybody nowadays wants easy to use and simplified version of every product. The built architecture of Interface 365 CRM is easy for the people who use it. It has a lot of short cut keys that make it simple. Operators don’t need to open a specific tab, interface 365 CRM provides everything in single screen. 

4. Cloud-based – 

Storing your data in hard drive or PC is a risky task. It can get corrupted at any time. Cloud is a service where your data is stored, managed and backed up remotely and made available to you over the internet. It’s a safer and easier approach of handling your data anywhere anytime. You don’t need to sit on your PC or Laptop. You just require internet access for that and your office will be in your pocket. 

Through A cloud-based CRM software, the businessman can check the work and progress of employee from anywhere around the globe. Therefore, This made it more helpful in the growth of the business and in addition it keep track of the performance of employees in absence. 

5. Integration with third-party applications – 

In order to understand Why businesses are using different applications for managing duties. We came to know they do not have one solution. With this in mind  we are open for integration. Therefore, with interface 365 rest API’s you can integrate any third-party application of your choice.

6. Real-time notification – 

Working with many clients at one time as a result forgets to keep reminding things, don’t worry. We have a solution for you. With this in mind Interface 365 CRM solutions provide real-time notification for you and your team. Arranged a meeting, phone call or need to share a proposal. Just set a reminder, it will give you real-time notification of every work you and your team is doing. 

Add-Ons in INTERFACE 365

We’re continually rolling out new features with our CRM – Interface 365 :

1. Bulk Email.

Bulk email facility through this you can send bulk email in one go. It will be helpful for the marketing team to interact with the customers, taking the follow-ups and giving them reminders. 

2. Bulk messages 

In the technology world, no one can live without there cell phones. Sharing details via messages and giving them a reminder is a great help for the business. This will give them a quick reminder and all the necessary information that you want to deliver. 

3. Form Verification 

Mis-leading of information is a common term. To know the authenticity of the person and the details provided by them. A form verification is inbuilt in interface 365. An OTP will be generated to their provided numbers. It will verify the details provided by them. 

How can interface 365 used in an easy way?

However, its affordable and easy to use relationship management tool that helps small to large scale businesses to close deals faster. In addition, We help sales and managers so they can make better business decisions and accelerates rates.

 keeping so many things in mind. With interface 365 you get

  • Improvement in lead conversion rates.
  • Revenue increase per salesperson.
  • Improvement in customer retention.
  • ZERO data entry and Automated Customer research- No time loss in entering data.
  • Tightest integration with G-Suite. Google recommended CRM
  • User-Friendly – Simple to use yet intelligent and lightweight.
  • Automated actions – Automatically assign tasks to users at any stage.
  • Task Management and delegation.
  • Sales Forecasting.
  • Custom Field – To update specific information, which is applicable only for your Organization.
  • Robust Business Reports – Detailed business and pipeline reporting.

Components of Interface 365 – Interface 365 contains all over 6 basic components and consequently the CRM moves and works around these components. Accordingly these components are:-

  1. Leads
  2. People
  3. Companies
  4. Deals
  5. Projects
  6. Tasks

In addition, it contains two more options called  “Reports” and “Settings”.

In conclusion, this component helps a salesperson to navigate the client’s performance in an easy manner. Ultimately, Interface 365 is a complete package to help your company grow and focus on your clients and sales more. 

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