CRM – The Gateway To SUCCESS

CRM, A Customer Relationship Management – The Gateway To SUCCESS
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Throughout the entire customer life cycle, CRM is the established process of managing a company’s co-operation. Besides, CRM supports business automation and streamline the best practices.

Increase Sales is not a Rocket science

To manage a company’s interactions with current and future customers for marketing, sales, and support team, CRM is the best system.

Features – CRM Gateway :

CRM – Lead Management

Lead Management feature in CRM allows you to keep track of leads and easily one can take follow up. Also, convert leads to the customer, auto import files from email, attach files, create proposals and leave notes.

Centralize Data at one place – CRM

To maintain your data database at server and filter tools is to find out and view reports – the Main advantage of CRM Gateway.

CRM – Goal Tracking

Setting up goals to tracking achievements to notify staff members about failure or achievement and Tracking everything through a single software.

Robotic Follow up

This solution is the solution in which the backend server system automatically keeps following up by E-mail for Different activities like overdue Payment invoices, etc.

Support System

Your platform would be a great support ticketing system with auto-response. It also provides private ticket staff notes, ticket assignments, attachments, insert the knowledge-based link, ticket assignments, ticket priorities, ticket statuses, predefined ticket replies,

Analytics Report

Reports, Item Reports, income Reports by the customer, Custom date picker.Reports Sales, Total report.


It can be easy to assign the task to multiple employees. Also, one can add task followers, task comments and allowed task attachments.


You can impress your customers by creating surveys. Improve your company productivity and add your question.

CRM – Proposals

Always create good looking proposals and impress your potential clients or customers. And, all the time try to Include images, tables, YouTube videos with a powerful editor.

And never try to disallow proposals’ comments allowed for further discussion with the customer.

Invoices through CRM

Always build a professional and great looking invoices. And never forget to attach the files and send them directly to your clients including the invoice PDF.

Digital Gateway Focus on following


Brand Awareness

Increased site usability

Lead Generation Online

Return Of Investment

Increased Traffic


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