Golden Rules For Customer Management

Relationship between Company & client
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Customer management is a process of identifying, acquiring and managing the Customer – the GOD of every business.  Customers management become the most crucial and important job of every business. Businessman nowadays is more focused on implementing new strategies to retain customers and to attract new once. 

The customer is king or God for every business – this mantra is used for a long time, had never implemented like this before. If we talk about the 70s and 80s customer support, organizations were doing a favor on customers to provide the answers to their queries for any product or services. 

Nowadays the concept of customer support has totally changed, every company is working hard to retain its clients or customer with them. A good sales pitch won’t work if the clients are not satisfied with the services.

5 Golden rules For Customer Management 

Customer management is the key when a customer walks away and says I want to do business with them and I’ll refer it to others.  

5 Golden rules for customer management

Customer management is not rocket science well not simple as it mentions as golden rules. It’s hard work that every company is putting to keep the clients with them. 

Some companies stand out from the crowd and beat the challenges of the market- 

What makes them different – Good Customer management

1. Focus on the journey, not interaction – 

When a customer interacts with any representative, they are trying to get accomplish something from them. A representative should not focus on the amount of interaction made to the customer, they must help the customer to achieve their goals.

Interaction can be cut down in between if the end results are not served properly. If the customer wants something else but the representative is not delivering it, as a result, it’s a loss of the customer whether a representative interacts a thousand times with them.

There are a lot of opportunities you can discover if you listen and understand your client’s needs.

Customer management journey,from a real prospect to conversion

2. Serve first & Sell later – 

Companies should build service providing a culture in organizations. Companies should not think of earning profit only, it’s okay if sometimes they can work on no profit no loss condition and serve better to retain clients with them. The company’s excellent service will drive them to achieve a large number of client bases that result in more profit in the future. 

Make the client experience pleasant, productive and personalized!

Customer service - to help the customers for there queries.

3. Treat your employees like an asset – 

If your employees are not engaged in the end to end process, the company can not deliver good service. Every employee in any organization are the key person, they play a very important role in there part of work. In the end, happy customers are the result of productive work done by the employees. Engaged employees are more likely to complete their work by staying late in the office. They are three times more likely to place solutions to the problems and six times more likely to recommend the company.  

The client to not come first, employees come first. If you take care of an employee they will take care of clients.

     -“Richard Branson”


Every Employees are asset to business.Employees make company grow

4. Surprise them with something Extra – 

Pampering is a key aspect of every business – Clients are most important because 80% of your revenue companies will generate from 20% of the client base. 

Take your personal example if you are going out to purchase something and you get to know there are surprise gifts provided by the company, immediately you will get more than happy and happy customers are satisfied. 

Similarly, if you surprise your clients with something extra on every deal you made, they will remain with you for a longer period of time.

Customer delight are offered to make clients extra happy and satisfied with company.

5. Feedbacks are necessary – 

Alluring multiple questions upon client made sense a few years back, currently, instead of alluring questions, customer feedback is important when you act upon it. In other words, if you are figuring out what feedback to take, think of a plan to complete it. Do not take feedback from your unhappy clients if you can’t give them solutions. Take every complaint as an important issue and try to provide the best solution. Provide your clients with multiple platforms to place their problems and feedback. Hire a team for the support and streamline the process of complaint response time & reporting. 

“Feedback is the breakfast for champions”.

– “Ken Blanchard”
Feedback for every business plays a vital role. Its a result of your service that company provides.

In Conclusion ” People will forget what you said. They will forget what you did. however, they will never forget how you solve their problem” 

Go along with the golden rules and win the hearts of your clients. 

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