How CRM is best practice for the Marketing Team

How CRM is helpful for marketing team
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CRM is the best practice for the Marketing Team – Team will typically use interface CRM as a data warehouse. Out of 100, 80% of customers seek support from customer care representative before completing their purchase. Given the importance of customer service, no wonder businessmen are choosing to invest in CRM software. 
When it comes to your marketing efforts, you are collecting a lot of customer data from various sources. For keeping this data you must be using google spreadsheets, this may work for a while but not for a longer duration. (Trust us, we tried) 

CRM tools happen to be the best practice to keep your data safe and secure in one place. It keeps details conversation history of your clients, segmentizes the qualified leads, leads behavior, sales funnel. It keeps there purchase history, contact details, and other information. This is usually the data your entire team must know so the marketing team can focus on clients and conversations. 
With little help from the CRM platform, personalized marketing practices can be expanded to the large customer database. 

Let see how CRM is best practice for the marketing team.  

Why Marketing team, should use a CRM Tool?

A CRM tool gives your company a centralized data repository that allows anybody to add and access the information they need. Not only the sales team can get benefited but if used by the marketing team they can also track and utilize the information and metrics your CRM provides to help increase leads, conversion, and better customer service. 
Sounds good, here are 7 more reasons to show its importance for the marketing team. 

1. Centralized customer information – 

CRM tool allows you to store all of the customer’s data that you collect from all the sources. Once the leads become a client marketing can track the history of the clients. CRM will become a place where all meetings, notes, call history are stored so with the help of details anyone can hop & check what is going on and why. 

Things which we can keep in CRM :

  1. Proposals
  2. Weekly notes 
  3. Call notes
  4. Documents related to clients 
  5. Changes in budget 
  6. Information of clients related to better service 
  7. Changes in services 
  8. Team member details who is handling the client. 

No information will not take business anywhere, if you have all the detailed information at one place it will not only help to provide better service but also help for the future prospect. 

2. Improve communication in an organization – 

The use of CRM tools increases communication in the organization and between the teams. It automatically stores all the information like call details, meeting details by calenders, documents attachment by drives, calender details. You can make it visible to every team line sales team, marketing team, and support team. They all can check the details of the clients and can place valuable information related to customers and strategies. 

3. Automated Alerts – 

The last thing you want to do is let high quality leads slips through your mind or your finger especially after investing so many resources into attracting, pitching and converting them. 

CRM tools allow you to set automated alerts for every prospect. For example – If your meeting is scheduled with your prospectus at a specified time, you can set a reminder for it. The same can be done if someone is signup and using the free trial, you can set a reminder for it so authorize person can contact to ask how their trial is going and nurture them to purchase the software. 

4. Segmentation of leads – 

Market segmentation is an activity of dividing large consumers base into a chunk. You can segmentize into sub-groups of consumers based on some types or shared details.

As CRM tools collect all the information of prospects, its easier to segment your leads based on things like industry, title, activity, the product they purchased. This kind of detailed segmentation helps to personalize the marketing efforts which leads to more success and converting more leads. 

5. Analyze customer data – 

All of your customers and prospects data will be collected at one place with the help of the CRM tool, your analytical capabilities will be much more accurate. It generates reports on the basis of information filled in CRM. That helps the marketing team to analyze the efforts they are putting like from which sources they are generating more leads so they can focus more on that source and leave the rest. Second, if any prospect we lose, the marketing team can analyze the loose reasons and strategies next campaign according to it. Are they closing more slowly or more quickly? So they have certain behavioral patterns in common that can be used to help shorten the sales cycle to identify gaps in current marketing efforts? 

Without CRM tools, many businesses end up with miscalculated data as a result of having all their information spread out across multiple platforms. Without analyzing the data they end up investing money in not so worthy things. With more accurate analytics, you will be able to make more effective marketing decisions. 

The marketing team can use CRM tools, not only to analyze real data from real users. But they can also use it to show the value of there campaigns by reporting conversions. 

6. Integration with other applications –

Most CRM tools can be integrated with other applications. For example, the best CRM tools will allow integration with Gmail. Obviously, there are the most important in terms of collecting customers and prospective information. Many CRM tools also allow integration with social media platforms. Such as- LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter, google AdWords, analytics and several email marketing platforms, if the CRM doesn’t have its won.  

Marketing is well known for using all the platforms, so having a CRM that integrates with these platforms and provides a single portal for everything that means its easier to manage, track and optimize the data. 

7. Improve Customer service –

A marketing team will have a much easier time addressing the needs of your customers by having access to their entire interaction history. As mentioned in the first point. Using CRM to keep track of client’s information means that your marketing team can provide better services. There is no single point of failure if your one team member is missing another can hop into the CRM look at the data and know-how to answer the question and where the team is on a specific project or service. 

In Conclusion

CRM tools make sense for marketing, by creating a single source of truth, opening up communication between teams and make your marketing team data-driven a CRM tool will revolutionize your company’s approach to marketing. As your company becomes more efficient and organized with the use of CRM software, you will be able to invest your time in other responsibilities of Business. 

There a lot of CRM tools available in the market, take time to understand, purchase the one that makes sense to you, take demos, trials to understand the software. The CRM tool, after all, will be the foundation of your business. 
We have been to this process and faced the same challenges, to keep all this in our mind we will a strong CRM software that consists of every bit of it and opens doors for the future technology. Its fast, simple and integrated with Gmail and other applications as well. We are a proud Google Partner. Sign up for more

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