How To Reduce Customer Service Response Time

How To Reduce Customer Service Response Time
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Your clients are the source of your income. Without them you don’t have much of business–so it is important to keep them happy by providing timely customer service. However, our latest client study found that 62% of organizations don’t react to client messages. It is clear that you have a chance to handle the market challenge by basically responding to your clients. For organizations that do respond, the average response time is 12 hours – well over the one-hour time frame that clients expect–with the slowest response taking longer than 8 days!

Why Speed Matters in Customer Service

Let’s start with the discussion with a quick response your customer feels is important. The second speed is important because your customer wants a quick response service from the organization.CMO council found that the most important trait of good client experience, according to the clients themselves, is quick reaction time. Quick responses indicate that organizations are fulfilling the customer’s needs and according to their expectations.

Most of the organizations make the same mistake they don’t give a response to their client’s questions then, in that case, they start ignoring them. Personally, I prefer the response time should be 15 minutes only. Because if any customer didn’t get any response then it will start to follow some other company.

How To Reduce Customer Service Response Times

Reducing response times directly leads to business benefits.

To assist you with a beginning, we’ve gathered 5 of the best and simple to-execute methods that you can use to respond rapidly to your clients. Let’s take a look

Implement Interface 365 CRM software

Are you using CRM software? If not then think about it and make a decision to use interface 365 CRM software. Interface 365 CRM software will be helpful if your organization uses a shared access mailbox to manage hundreds (or even thousands) of customer service emails which will be difficult to manage so try interface365 CRM solution for managing customer mail. You will get each and every detail related to your client conversation. This means you can look back and understand their issues, identify the details of the product they’re buying in to and utilize this information to be increasingly useful in your response.

Time-based email alerts

 Our aim is to respond to each client’s email, sometimes email can get left behind. For instance, you could be sitting tight for some data before you can react in full, or maybe there’s a greater number of messages in the customer service queue than you expected. Whatever the reason, your clients want your response within a reasonable timeframe. To avoid losing messages in the system or client response times being delayed for any longer time than they should be, take a stab time-based email alarms or alerts.

For organizations that utilize a shared access mailbox, this should be done physically. If you are using interface 365 CRM software, you can set the email sending process automatically with a timer. Basically, turn out how quickly you might want to react to your clients and afterward set up a timer to trigger before the timeframe. Thus, you’ll guarantee you have plenty of time to peruse and react to your clients within your average response time.

Use templates + text shortcuts:-

Experienced specialists recognize what kind of inquiries their clients will ask time after time. Utilize this data to ensure your site and help documentation will show these types of inquiries. What’s more, you can utilize it to set up your client support group. As opposed to making your group more than once think of custom reactions to similar inquiries, you can supply them with client support email layouts to help make their activity simpler. Not only will it accelerate your response time, however it’ll additionally assist you with keeping your communication consistent.

This implies each client will find a similar solution to their inquiry, with practically no deviation – helping to increase your brand name and keep every client happy. Obviously, only one out of every odd client service query can be handled with a template. Another approach to help make composing messages simpler is to utilize text shortcuts. Text shortcuts or email templates can dramatically reduce the amount of time needed to answer an email, which in turn will allow you to respond to more client’s emails and reduce your average response time.

 Use email auto-responders

Sometimes, each client has to know is that their email has been gotten and that helps on the way. It’s just when their interests, issues or complaints have gone disregarded that negative assessment starts to show up. And potentially influence your long term relationship with the client. The best way to deal with such a situation is to use email auto-responder. It will automatically generate emails for the client which helps to increase the interaction.

You can utilize this step to handle things like:

Send Thank You Message:-

They will realize you’re paying attention to their query and paying it the respect they deserve.

Average Response Times:-

Informing your clients regarding when they can expect a response. It will be helpful for both because clients will get their responses on time. When response time is set earlier. It will be helpful for both organizations as well as for clients to avoid any sort of misunderstanding.

Provide Instruction Manuals or FAQs Service

No matter how simple to utilize you think your website is, your clients won’t generally discover reports like FAQs or manuals. At that time, all clients need the correct way. And through self-administration, they could wind up tackling their problems. And can solve their queries before you get the opportunity to respond.


The most significant property of good client support, according to clients’ themselves, is quick response time. How rapidly do you react to your own clients? We share some best and simple methods that we use at interface 365 CRM. Which, helped us to reduce our own response time. From over 5 hours for each answer to now under 60 minutes.

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