Innovative CRM software applications Trends to Keep an Eye on 2020

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Business today revolves around clients like never before. The biggest challenge for any organization is to create a brilliant client experience. Delivering a better experience than your competitors will help you with boosting client loyalty and at the same time, attract more customers. Remembering this, each organization is attempting to update its current CRM software applications with the most recent technology.

Earlier, CRM was just utilized as a database to collect and store the client’s data. But now, the CRM software is far more robust than its humble start. It now enables sales, marketing, and customer service teams with a host of tools to drive them towards growth.

Here are the most recent CRM trends that you have to keep pace with if you want to gain a competitive edge for achieving success.

Let’s begin.

The Merging of CRM, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence

Over 2.5 quintillion bytes of information are produced each and every day.

You can’t overlook the importance of big data in the present time. In the coming years, the success of CRM software applications will depend on the way that successfully it can utilize big data and create a personalized experience for customers.

With the integration of artificial intelligence (AI), CRM is developing and driving towards a modern framework. The most recent CRM pattern is tied in with gathering and breaking down client information from different touch focuses, including social media, marketing campaigns, sales, and contact platforms. 

These analytics tools can provide actionable insights to strengthen techniques, upgrade CRM software capacities to forecast demands, and fuel prescient analysis.

The deadly combination of big data, AI, and CRM will give 360-degree insights on their clients that will increase the chance of conversions.

Harnessing the Power of Voice Technology

The next big CRM software application trend is the adoption of voice technology.

Even though sales meetings have gone mostly virtual, it has been seen that salesmen just invest 34% of their time in selling the items. (source)

The rest is spent on administrative tasks, for example, data entry, managing emails, creating follow-up tasks, and many more.

To increase profitability and avoid repetitive work, voice technology is the appropriate answer. It is helpful with logging calls, spotting key phrases in a transcript, and generating call summaries. Besides, it can help to automate tasks like scheduling meetings, sending follow-up alerts, and much more. 

Making First-Class Customer Service the Priority

Customer service has consistently been the main central factor for clients, regardless of whether to build a long term relationship with the brand or not.

Organizations trying to meet with their client’s needs is a significantly challenging task. One specific example is the manner by which clients expect organizations to communicate with them in real-time. But in reality, the response time still remains long in most cases.

Additionally, research by Gartner shows that poor response time led to an increase in customer churn rate by up to 15%. That’s a big loss

To satisfy this need, the new CRM like Interface 365 has been developed. To meet the requirement of customers. At present, just 23% of organizations are utilizing chatbots and CRM software, which is going to twofold in the following year and a half.

The main role of interface 365 CRM software is to reduce the workload of customer representatives. It can be used to deal with normal inquiries by clients, greeting clients when they call and providing assistance to agents with recommendations when they are tackling customers. 

This new CRM software application trend will enable customer service reps to focus on more complex issues.

Boosting Relationships With Mobile CRM and Social CRM

Well, mobile CRM  and social CRM are not new innovations. But, they are going to gain momentum in 2020.

The salesmen are constantly moving. The need for mobility and the advancement in mobile technology indicate a push for CRM software applications to provide more mobile functionalities.

The new-age CRM technology will be fully functionally on smartphones, tablets, and different gadgets.

Not only that, but we also can’t ignore the importance of social media platforms. Social CRM refers to the integration of CRM with social media channels to widely engage with your audience and customers.

The client’s increasing interest in constant connectivity and personalized experience with companies has given rise to social CRM. The new CRM trend won’t just gather data from social channels. But also help in designing experiences that customers will offer value in exchange for their attention.

More significantly, all of these functionalities will be accessible without compromising the security of client data.


More and more organizations are going to adopt CRM software applications. To give better client service and streamline their marketing and sales activity. By using these CRM patterns, you will have the option to take your business to newer heights.

Make sure to choose the best CRM software by looking into the features that you require.

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